What my students say
I'd already run a marathon before I started training with Filipp Nosov. While I was proud of my accomplishment, I did not come out of the process unscathed. I ended up hurting my knee badly and couldn't walk properly for a few weeks. I saw a trauma specialist who recommended that I completely stop running, which I just could not agree to. A different sports-medicine doctor advised me that I could go back to running if I fixed my technique. That was the point when I met Filipp. Within the first month of participating in his group lessons I could run again pain-free. Within four months I had set a new personal half-marathon record. I started enjoying running again and wasn't bothered by pain. Now I have completed 7 full marathons and am working towards the Comrades competition. I highly recommend Filipp as a running trainer and conversationalist who has a lot to say about sport- and non-sport-related topics alike.

Dmitry Dyachenko
Manager of Business Development, RT news
Filipp was initially my running coach and after some time I gradually added in swimming lessons. To be honest, I found swimming much harder than running, but Filipp really has a knack for making physically or mentally difficult activities interesting
(which makes them seem less daunting).
Filipp focuses on your overall development, rather than just, say, perfecting your back stroke. Personally, this really worked for me: it's better to develop all your skills and muscle groups in harmony rather than obsess over finishing a specific stroke one second earlier (unless you're trying to qualify for the Olympics, of course!)
There were always a lot of interesting people at group lessons, probably in part thanks to Filipp's charisma. Many of us became close friends, and our friendships helped us conquer events like the SwimRun in Borås, Sweden (which involved running 30 km in the mountains and swimming 6 km through a cold lake). That's the kind of event where you not only need endurance, but also the support of your team or, even better, a friend.

Alexei Tishin
IT system architect
I started running on my own and was something of a fanatic about it, so maybe it's not surprising that I ended up injuring myself. As soon as I had healed, I decided to find a trainer who could help me develop proper technique and I met Filipp. We ran together for around three years in Moscow; in that time, I ran a half-marathon and never injured myself again. Filipp is able to simply and clearly explain how to move correctly from a physiological standpoint. During lessons, we did general conditioning exercises and he gave advice on proper nutrition and how to pick out the best running shoes. I always enjoyed our conversations: he is a very considerate guy and I was sad to see him move halfway across the world. I still ask for his advice from time to time and get inspiration from our conversations even at such a long distance.
Tatiana Solius
Editor, Analytics Dept., RBK

Filipp knows how to set a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for lessons that makes you feel at home. For newbies who are making their first forays into the world of sports, this is really important and Filipp gives you the professional support you need. Many of Filipp's students, myself included, became friends and have kept in touch long after our lessons ended. Most of our group-mates continue to be active in physical fitness thanks in part to the motivation that Filipp instilled in them. Of course, his consultations and lessons also made it possible to prepare wholeheartedly for the various competitions that we participated in. If you are a serious triathlete (or hope to become one!) Filipp's professional background in modern pentathlon and other areas of athletics will serve you well!
Mikhail Braude-Zolotaryov
DIrect of IT-research Center, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

When I started working with Filipp, I already had some periodic running experience and had run regularly for a whole summer. At first I didn't have a plan and just ran a lot, then some friends and I ran a half marathon and I finished in 2 hours and 15 minutes. I felt like I had reached the limits of my capabilities at that point, but I still wanted to run faster without injuring myself. That was the point when a trainer entered my life and I started training regularly with a group of running friends.
I still follow Filipp's advice and our running group has continued to support each other (and sometimes run together). Regular trainings have become a part of my daily life.
This was all possible in large part to Filipp's approach to lessons: they were always varied and took into account the abilities and limits of each student (be it a question of motivation or initial physical preparation).
Filipp puts together very interesting group and individual lessons. If a group contained both new and experienced runners, he would select strength exercises to suit each level.
After half a year of lessons, I ran my first marathon with no injuries and without pushing myself beyond my capacities. I enjoyed the process and would very much like to run another one. I would recommend Filipp to both novices who are trying out running for the first time, and experienced runners who want to improve their technique or prepare for a major competition.
Maria Yudkevich
Provost, Higher School of Economics, Moscow