Conditions for training at Multisport Miami
Multisport Miami is not a medical facility and does not offer medical services of any kind (health evaluations, physicals, monitoring of physical conditions, etc.). Clients should consult with a medical doctor before beginning any training program. By signing up to train at Multisport Miami, the Client acknowledges that they do not have any physical conditions for which running or swimming would be ill advised. If a Client suffers from any physical or mental ailments which preclude full participation in all parts of a training, he/she agrees to inform the Trainer so that any necessary adjustments can be made.

The Client agrees to hold Multisport Miami harmless for any injuries that occur as a result of the Client's failure to consult a medical professional before commencing training or as a result of their failure to disclose an existing medical condition to the Trainer. In the case of clients who are minor children, the Client's parents will be held responsible for ensuring that the Client's health allows him/her to commence a training program.