Aqua Fitness
For everyone who can't get enough of the water.
About us

At Multisport Miami, we focus relentlessly on helping clients reach their goals. For years, we have helped beginners and advanced swimmers alike become more competent and confident swimmers. Our goal is for every student to experience the swimmer's high that results from the continuous, disciplined expansion of their physical limits.

Children's swimming
Age categories:
0−2 years
Baby Beluga

Focus: holding breath under water, feeling comfortable in the water, water gymnastics. Developing motor skills and range of motion. 15−30 min.

2−4 years
Little fishes
Focus: enjoying time in the pool, learning the foundation for athletic swimming styles. 30−45 min.

4−6 years

Focus: learning the athletic swimming styles: front crawl, back crawl, butterfly, breast stroke. Relay-style games. 30−60 min.

6−14 years

2032 Olympians
Athletic swim training with age-appropriate technique. Out-of-pool exercises and overall conditioning.

Water aerobics
Water aerobics classes:

1 For expectant mothers (and fathers)
Aqua Prenatal

2 Low intensity
-Aqua Beginners
-Warm Up

3 Strength training
-Aqua legs
-Aqua Dumbbells

4 Cardio training
-Running Class
-Aqua Flippers

5 High intensity and mixed training
-Aqua Combat
-Aqua Circuit

Customized lessons

1 Multi-methodology aqua trainings. +6

2 Free diving. +16

3 Injury prevention Healthy back +1

4 Survival skills +1

Our guidelines
We evaluate our work based on your results
Our methods are based on the latest developments in the world of swimming. We corral our knowledge and experience in service of your health.
Multisport Miami always strives to meet the highest standards. We are an offical company (LLC) that accepts all major payment methods